Our Accessibility Commitment

The Foodbank Pledge

Giving back is important to us and we feel that access to eco-friendly products should be available not only to those who can afford it but those who need a helping hand. 

By purchasing something for the foodbank today, we will match your 
purchase, so the food bank receives twice as much product always.  We send these items directly to the foodbank that is closest to your home address.

We are also a huge supporter of the Foodbank Lunch program for kids who go to school without breakfast or lunch.  Every week, we deliver hundreds of nutritious meals to children who go to school without food.

When you buy an item for the foodbank, we will match your purchase, so foodbank customers get twice as much. We know they need it, and, with your help, we are giving them access to eco-friendly products. Spread the eco-friendly love. Also, now until the end of December, buy a box or roll of trash bags for yourself and we will send a roll to the foodbank.

Did you know, British Columbia has ‘one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada, with 20% of children living below the poverty line’*? Many of these families are foodbank patrons, they need trash bags and cleaning supplies too. We may not sell food, but we can certainly help them have the pride of a cleaner home for their children. * Source: Backpack Buddies