Join Our June Oceans Challenge

Starting this June 1st, 2021, we will be holding our first June Oceans Challenge.  

To date, there's over $1000 in prizing including two eco staycations; one includes riverside brunch, the other includes dinner at the world famous Rim Rock Cafe in beautiful Whistler, BC, Canada.

The purpose of the Oceans Challenge is to have participants make easy changes to their daily routine -these changes are small habitual actions that can protect the health of the ocean and the planet in general.  

Currently, there is a crisis going on in our oceans.  The amount of plastic floating around in our seaways is estimated to be equivalent to five bags stuffed full of plastic for every foot of coastline that meanders around our beautiful planet.  The incredible sea life that calls these seaways home are being choked out (literally) by plastic. 

Most of these plastics are completely unnecessary.  We are turning a blind-eye and continuing to luxuriate in the service of single-use plastic products daily.  Research shows that technology to overcome this mounting plastic crisis is unable to keep up with our demand and daily use of single-use plastic and plastic in general. 

'"What difference is one bottle going to make?" says 7 billion people.' - quote by @oceanwarrior

Our use of plastic and refusal to make change or positive impact is at the detriment of future generations.  We can't wait for better technology, we need to make change now and be mindful daily of the impact we are making for our children.  Anxiety amongst kids these days has been growing steadily, I believe our treatment of the earth is partly related to this growing statistic.  

"To damage the earth is to damage your children."

Let us all do our part.  Make this a family event.  Be the change you want to see for the future of the world.  Follow the Oceans Challenge on Instagram @gaiacompany_